Lumshory Camp

Holidays in Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia is a wonderful region with picturesque landscapes that attract tourists not only from Ukraine, but also from all over the world. This is a region with world-famous mineral springs, a region of horticulture and viticulture. Make your vacation in Lumshory unforgettable!

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Lumshory Camp


Rooms and Cottages

The complex of buildings consists of: the main building, a dining room, wooden cottages, a gallery of summer houses, a hut-bar, a bathhouse, a sports ground, equipped with work-out simulators, a field for mini football, as well as a separate camping area, and can accommodate up to 90 vacationers at the same time.


Main Building

Up to 34 guests

Wooden Cottages

Up to 20 guests

Summer Holiday Cottages

Up to 36 guests


Holidays in Transcarpathia

Carpathian Bath

The basis of our work in Carpathian Bath at the Lumshory Camp is the traditional principles of healing, hardening, cleansing and restoring your body. We will take care of your vacation in the best way — a professional steam master is at your service, who conducts ritual steaming in the bathhouse, reviving Transcarpathian traditions.

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Holidays in Transcarpathia

Transcarpathian cuisine

Probably the most picturesque, expressive and diverse cuisine of all Ukrainians in general. This is due to the peculiarity of the history of Transcarpathia. Uniqueness and diversity has been formed over the centuries and includes the traditions and identity of the cuisine of many peoples.

Holidays in Lumshory all year round

Lumshory Camp

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The famous resort of Transcarpathia Lumshory has significant recreational potential. Wonderful mountain landscapes, majesty of mixed and deciduous forests, alpine meadows with medicinal plants, rivers and lakes, waterfalls with swimming pools, mineral springs — delights and a sea of ​​impressions are provided! The conditions for family vacations in Lumshory with children are excellent: ecologically clean mountainous terrain, mild climate, healing mineral baths. The hospitable locals enjoy quality service and excellent national cuisine.

Holidays in Lumshory in Transcarpathia can be recommended to all who love silence and solitude far from civilization. Fans of active recreation will find activities to their liking: you can rent bicycles, snowboards, ATVs, snowmobiles. Lumshory also has a small ski slope. Excursions, fishing, horseback riding are organized. In the evening you can have a nice time in a colorful hut or cafe. Our Lumshory Camp offers inexpensive rooms and cottages for the whole family.

Rest in the village of Lumshory — a kind of reboot for the nervous system. After contemplating the beauties of nature under the light noise of a mountain river, walking in the woods with a basket of berries or mushrooms, swimming in a hot tub, you will look at the world with different eyes!

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